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The Shaw acquisition of the broadcast division of Canwest has people taking about the convergence of content and connectivity once again. Jim Shaw must be dreaming of the untold riches that this deal will yield, just like what happened with AOL TIme Warner, and Bell Globemedia. Oh. I forgot. AOL Time Warner was a disaster of epic proportions and Bell Globemedia has not lived up to the promise of Jean Monty’s vision. I guess Jim forgot his history, or maybe the world has changed over the course of the past decade?

I would go with door number 2 – the world has changed. Devices have evolved at a rapid clip as have the networks that support them. The application space has been as busy as well – social networking applications (Twitter, Facebook etc…) did not exist, and Youtube was still 5 years away from hitting the planet.

Let’s consider a fairly normal family, with a mind to understanding what they use.



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