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All we can do is speculate at this point, but this looks like it could be very interesting…more thoughts as they come.

More thoughts as promised…

We are likely looking at something along the lines of Amazon’s EC2 offer. Interesting, but not exactly earthshattering. Pre-announcing now has served to generate a lot of interest – lets hope that there is something more at play.


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I thought this was an interesting release from Savvis. Savvis has joined the Microsoft Software + Services Incubation Center Program. The stated goal is ‘to help guide independent software vendors (ISVs) and ensure their business model and applications are ready for service-based delivery’. According to the release, ‘the Microsoft Software + Services Incubation Center Program is designed to ease the commercial, financial, and technical challenges ISVs and enterprises encounter as they build and deploy software-as-a-service (SaaS) business models.’

Like I said, this is interesting. The transition from ISV to SaaS provider is not a simple or straightforward process and it represents significant change within the organization – the entire business model needs to change, starting with company culture, moving to sales and marketing and finishing with service delivery and on-going support. While Savvis can deliver many of the technical components necessary for succesful service delivery, it cannot deliver the other components of the puzzle which are equally, if not more, important. The partnership with Microsoft enables Savvis to deliver the other components. The challenge is that customer success will be driven only if all of the components of the transition are successfully managed. Missing the mark on one puts the entire transition at significant risk – the components are too integrated to be considered on a stand alone basis. Clearly Savvis is dependent upon Microsoft for a significant component of the program and it will be incumbent upon them to manage the relationship as tightly as possible. If all the pieces are properly tied together the value add is compelling.

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